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Blazing Hope Ranch exists to RESTORE WHOLENESS to female survivors of human trafficking and WEAKEN THE SEX TRADE through the power of Christ.

Blazing Hope is more than a name. It represents a purpose to change the outlook and trajectory of the lives of women who were robbed of their dignity as precious creations. Each year the human sex trade forces thousands of women into a world of darkness, shame, abuse and depravity. Although not physical, the chains of fear, control and addiction are just as real. Out of the reality of human trafficking in the United States and the need for restoration for survivors Blazing Hope Ranch was forged. 

We asked David Haggard, the Co-Founder and Director of Blazing Hope Ranch, a few question in a short written interview below:

Q: Could you tell us what sparked the birth of Blazing Hope Ranch?

A:  David and Jo Haggard first began to dream about a ranch ministry together soon after they were married in 2001. Fifteen years and three children later they began making that vision a reality. They believe that God has been carefully developing and gifting them as a team to carry out the unique and challenging task of building and maintaining Blazing Hope Ranch. The ranch was originally conceived as a place where troubled kids could visit and get help. However, about 9 years ago they were introduced to the issue of modern day slavery in the US and knew they needed to use the idea of the ranch and merge it with long-term care for survivors of sex trafficking.

Q: Blazing Hope Ranch is based in Tennessee. What are the ways in which your organization is combatting human trafficking in your state and/or in the US?

A:  We are proud to know that Tennessee is one of the top states for dealing with the reality of human trafficking and taking legislative action to fight it. The State has dedicated TBI (TN Bureau of Investigation) agents assigned to the four regions of the State and conduct operations to rescue and place victims of trafficking as well as prosecute traffickers and buyers. Blazing Hope Ranch has begun to approach sex trafficking on three fronts and fight with others in the state to:

1. RESTORE WHOLENESS to survivors through trauma-informed long-term aftercare through our residential ranch program HOPE Haven and help survivors and survivor-serving organizations utilize healing found through horses in our Restoration Reigns horse program.

2. EMPOWER youth, families and communities to RESIST the tactics of traffickers by conducting CAMP RUN FREE summer day-camp experiences for kids 8-13 who may be at risk of trafficking and reduce their vulnerability through activities, interactive learning and horses.

3. REDUCE THE DEMAND that fuels trafficking by raising up leaders to protect the value of women through a community involvement program called Guardians of Hope


Q: From your experience at Blazing Hope Ranch, what would you say is the toughest challenge in the process of helping and caring for trafficking survivors?

A:  Helping people to realize the deep, long-term emotional, psychological and spiritual wounds caused by trafficking and the unique needs and approach necessary to guide a survivor to wholeness and success. There is a significant amount of education needed to bring about an awareness of the need for a holistic program like Blazing Hope Ranch and resources required to make it effective.


Q: Could you share with us a favorite story of victory in the life of Blazing Hope Ranch?  

A:  The story of Blazing Hope Ranch is one of miracles. When David & Jo began to work on designing how the ranch would work on paper, they literally had zero resources. They rented a home in town, did not have any horses and possessed no land. God began to slowly put the pieces together, from donated land to donated homes to donated horses to generous, giving individuals.

Our victory story is really a story about a God who has a heart for these women and will move whatever barriers are in the way to get them the help they need and to help them see his extravagant love.

In under three years all of those pieces moved into place and Blazing Hope Ranch became operational.

Q: What are some of the current needs in your organization? How can the every day person support you all in fighting human trafficking?

A:  Everyone has something to offer. Maybe it a heart to consistently pray for the women and our ministry. Maybe it is the ability to share the blessings that God has given them with the ranch so we can afford to fulfill the clear calling and mission of God at Blazing Hope. Perhaps there are those with physical abilities and skills they can put to use in any number of ways on a ranch that is still rough around the edges. Or maybe their are those out there who could meet a physical, emotional, mental or spiritual need of the women through the offering of their services or goods, thus offsetting the expense to the ranch.

Thank you for sharing with us your heart and ministry, David and Jo! 

"He works justice for those who are pressed down by the world, providing food for those who are hungry. He frees those who are imprisoned; He makes the blind see. He lifts up those whose backs are bent in labor; He cherishes those who do what is right." (Psalm 146:7)


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