Posted on July 29, 2022 by Inka Mathew

Based in North Carolina, Cry Freedom Missions is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit fighting to eradicate sex trafficking through Reaching, Rescuing, and Restoring the lives of survivors.
We are excited to feature Cry Freedom Missions until October 29! It is their passion to see this heinous and barbaric injustice abolished in our generation. They long to see every boy, every girl, every woman, and every man enslaved in trafficking to experience FREEDOM! The founder, Beverly Weeks, is also the Executive Director of Wayne Pregnancy Center in Goldsboro, North Carolina. 

We had the pleasure to do a written interview with Cry Freedom Missions.
Here's what they shared with us.

Q:  Could you tell us what sparked the birth of this organization and how Cry Freedom Missions was started?

A:  We saw ladies coming into the pregnancy center who had no ID and usually had someone with them that they looked to before they would answer any questions. Beverly took one such lady back to her hotel room and that day changed everything for this organization. It was apparent she was being trafficked, but there were no organizations that could take her in and few beds across the state for her to stay in. That began a journey to create a holistic approach to helping survivors.

Q:  Could you tell us what are the ways in which Cry Freedom Missions is combatting human trafficking?

A:  Our holistic approach to helping survivors is to
• identify those who are being trafficked;
• reach them through our jail, hotel, and street outreach;
• rescue them through our partnership with the SBI, FBI, national human trafficking hotline, and local authorities;
• restore them through our emergency shelter, long term care program, transitional program, and out patient care. 

Several teams of staff and volunteers across the state of North Carolina distribute supplies, food, and hygiene items to those living in hotels, the homeless, and individuals residing in local camps. Our teams specifically focus on hotels that are locally known for drugs and prostitution.

Weekly, our teams meet with female inmates to teach English, Math, Speech, Life Skill, and Music classes. This allows Cry Freedom Missions the opportunity to create unique and special relationships with the inmates in order to help them with services upon re-entry to the community.

Our Safe House in an undisclosed location provides temporary emergency shelter to those rescued from human trafficking or fleeing dangerous situations. If you or someone you know is involved in trafficking, call our Cry Freedom Missions Hotline at 919-988-9262.

Cry Freedom Missions offers safe housing and emergency shelter to those fleeing dangerous trafficking situations. The "Safe House" is in a secure, undisclosed location, and provides survivors with emergency housing, food, clothing, and other essential items upon their arrival. Our case managers then work with each individual to develop a long-term plan. Our house parents provide emergency resources, home cooked meals, fresh linens, and additional support.


Q:  From your experience so far, what would you say is the toughest challenge(s) your team has faced in fighting human trafficking?

A:  Limited financial resources, educating the public and organizations what human trafficking looks like, and qualified volunteers to mentor and assist the programs. 

Q:  Could you share with us a favorite story of survivor's victory you have witnessed in the life of Cry Freedom Missions?

A:  One of our favorite testimonies, is Ashley's. Before she came to Cry Freedom Missions, she was living on the streets for 20 years, was actively trafficked, and her daughter was taken away from her. You can listen to her story in this video:


Q:  What are the current needs of Cry Freedom Missions? How can we, the every day person, support you in fighting human trafficking?

A:  As we continue to grow, we need help in:

• Monthly Supporters:
Freedom Partners 
You can sign up to give 
a recurring gift each month. CLICK HERE
• Need to Upfit a new building to provide employment and vocational skills to survivors ($250,000)
• Expansion at the safehouse to add additional beds ($80,000)
Our other needs to care for survivors, such as personal supplies, counseling sessions, monthly food & utilities, and rehab costs. CLICK HERE to donate.

Cry Freedom Missions also runs two brick & mortar Shoppes in Goldsboro, North Carolina. The shoppes provide the necessary funding to reach, rescue and restore survivors of human trafficking. If you don't live near Goldsboro, you can still shop online for hand-crafted survivor made jewelry, home decor, gifts, apparel and more! Click to to shop Cry Freedom Missions ONLINE STORE


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For more information on Cry Freedom Missions, please visit their:
Website:  CryFreedomMissions.com
Social Media:   Facebook  |  Instagram