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GenerateHope is a safe place for survivors of sex trafficking to heal and find restoration in long-term housing and trauma-informed therapy, education, and vocational support.
Since recovery from sexual exploitation is a long-term process, GenerateHope provides safety, community, and individualized life skills support to work through the deep trauma and discover a healthy, purpose-filled life.

We are excited to feature GenerateHope, an anti-trafficking non-profit based in San Diego, California, and now expanding to Colorado. We had the pleasure to do a written interview with GenerateHope, and ask them to share with us about their work.

Q:  GenerateHope was started in 2009. Could you tell us what sparked the birth of this organization?

A grassroots group formed around the common desire to take action against the sex trafficking situation in San Diego by developing a unique program to meet the needs of women leaving the sex trade.

GenerateHope was founded in 2009, by Susan Munsey and members of Harbor City Church. Born from a desire to provide trauma care services to a very underserved local population, the founding members of GenerateHope soon came to realize there is a great need for comprehensive healing for women who have survived the horrors of being trafficked and sold for sex. San Diego needed to address this American epidemic with a personal, local impact.

Since its founding, GenerateHope has been a refuge for over 130 women, providing resources to break the tragic cycle of vulnerability. As the first on-site, integrated recovery program for survivors in San Diego, GenerateHope addresses the complex needs of this unique population through individual case management, education, psychotherapy, a variety of adjunct therapies, and community support for medical, dental and psychiatric needs.

Q:  Could you tell us what are the ways in which GenerateHope is combatting human trafficking?

A:  GenerateHope fights human trafficking by providing survivors with a real way out. We provide long-term, wraparound residential programs that are more than just a safe place to live — we offer a place for survivors to truly recover and walk forward feeling empowered to reach their goals for their futures. Additionally, we seek to educate communities on a local and national level on sex trafficking, the signs and warnings, the stereotypes and misinformation, and the work that can be done on an individual and global scale.

• Safe Housing
Long-term housing in a loving and compassionate environment.
• Learning Center
GED and college support, tutoring, critical thinking, and career prep
• Emotional Health
Individual and group psychotherapy and adjunct therapies support healing from the extreme trauma of the sex trade
• Case Management
Access to social, medical, and community support services


Q:  From your experience thus far, what would you say is the toughest challenge you have faced in fighting human trafficking?

A:  Fighting human trafficking can be difficult on the restorative care side of things because survivors are often working through years of complex trauma, and healing is definitely not linear! Still, we walk alongside them as they work on their recovery. Our definitions of success are varied as we celebrate the small victories alongside the big ones. Some days it can be difficult to see the impact, but as we recognize the everyday victories that survivors are accomplishing, we feel blessed to be a part of their journey.



Q:  Could you share with us a favorite story of survivor's victory GenerateHope has witnessed? 

A:  Claire came to us after escaping sex trafficking and a heroine addiction brought on via the trafficking. She had a lot of healing to do. She had been on a dating website when she answered a request for dinner with a yes. Something she would live to regret. The date went well & he was a perfect gentleman throughout the evening. That is until he threw her into his trunk at the end of the date. She was trafficked & drugged for four years before she came to GenerateHope. She settled into our home once she knew she was safe and supported. She worked on her substance abuse through 12-step meetings regularly. She worked on the trauma through her individual and group therapy through many tears.

She met with our teacher who helped her prepare for college and benefitted from our many community partnerships who assisted with physical and psychological wounds, tattoo cover up (traffickers often brand their victims), and legal assistance.

When she was ready she began taking college classes to become a veterinary assistant and got all As. She is now working toward becoming a veterinarian and she’s got the grades to go all the way with her dreams! She has long since graduated from GenerateHope and continues to do well and work toward her goals. We are so proud of her!


Q:  What are the current needs of GenerateHope? How can we, the every day person, support you in fighting human trafficking?

A:  As we continue to expand our capacity in serving survivors through safe housing, healing, and education, we need your support. We need volunteers, prayer warriors, individuals advocating on behalf of us and those willing to invest in our mission both through financial gifts and in-kind gifts. We have Amazon wishlists on our website which are a great way to help out from afar and give us items to help keep our homes running  smoothly. 


GenerateHope Amazon Wishlist for their SAN DIEGO Recovery Home:
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