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Mirror Ministries is a faith-based non-profit operating in the Tri-City area of Washington State (Pasco, Kennewick, Richland and surrounding areas). Ten years ago, the seeds that would become Mirror Ministries were being planted through a growing awareness of the reality and the horrors of sex trafficking and the disturbing realization that it was happening right there in their community. They were shaken. They had to respond.

And their first response was prayer. Then study and research. Then gathering a small group of people to pray and research with them. When they had an opportunity to get some funding through a church ministry, they dreamed as big as they could. 
They wanted to run right out and offer hope to survivors. But they knew they needed a broader movement of support and long-term stability to make that happen. 
So they started by raising awareness and building a movement of hope and healing. Just over five years ago, they channeled that movement into Mirror Ministries and hired their first human trafficking advocate — a specialized case manager who can stand in the gap for victims and survivors of sex trafficking, walking alongside as she finds out who she is (loved, worthy, valuable, strong), who she wants to be and sets goals to get there.


Mirror Ministries exists to serve the many and diverse needs of survivors of human trafficking. They have specialized Human Trafficking Advocates equipped to meet the unique needs of trafficking survivors who are able to coordinate with resources and agencies to meet those needs, educate about human trafficking, and engage in outreach throughout the Tri-Cities community. Their Survivor Services continue at their Outreach Center, where daily scheduled activities help them survive and thrive. Their goal is that every survivor they serve will one day be able to look in the mirror and see reflected back a person of inherent dignity and worth. 
Helping survivors to: Regain Power. Receive Respect. Rediscover Their Value.

Human Trafficking Advocates
— their advocates build relationships with vulnerable youth and adults to identify victims of human trafficking, and to support survivors on the long road toward freedom. They also coordinate with resources and agencies to meet the unique needs of trafficking survivors, educates about human trafficking, and engages in outreach throughout the Tri-Cities community.

Outreach Center — their Our Outreach Center provide non-residential aftercare services for victims and survivors of sex trafficking in the community. Mirror Ministries' staff and volunteers welcome survivors and help them rediscover their interests, skills and talents, and develop some new ones. Fellow survivors connect with each other, accompanied with counseling and Bible studies that help them heal and grow. Daily activities include:
• Counseling  • Survivor support groups  • Music therapy  • Art therapy  • Trauma-Informed Movement  • Guitar lessons  • Piano lessons  • Cooking class  • Life skills  • Employment and Education Assistance

Mirror Ministries brings sex trafficking awareness, presentations and trainings to local businesses, agencies, schools and community groups. They have a variety of trainings to meet each group's specific needs. You can request a training or presentation at info@mirror-ministries.org

Mirror Ministries
increases awareness with the following programs and resources:
• Community Awareness and Education Presentations
• SUDS Hotel Outreach (Stopping Underage Domestic Sex trafficking)
Not a Product Child Education Tools
• Addressing Pornography
• Warning Signs
For more informations on these programs, visit their AWARENESS Page.

    In order to bring hope to the area of human trafficking, their volunteers, supporters, and the community at large need to be aware of the magnitude of the problem locally, what sex trafficking is, what it looks like, and how to both prevent it and engage survivors. They also developed great resources for Parents and Teachers, including the "Not a Product" discussion guides, to give parents and educators a tool to discuss safety and tricky people with elementary and pre-school children in a non-threatening way, keeping to age-appropriate concepts. It also teaches the concepts of self dignity and worth to children.

    To download these FREE resources, visit their RESOURCES Page

    Victims of sex trafficking have experienced complex trauma over long periods of months or years. To heal effectively and re-enter society in healthy and beneficial ways, these survivors need a safe environment—away from the toxicity and exploitation they have been living in—with wrap-around services for holistic restoration. Since the beginning, Mirror Ministries has had a vision of building and opening a home for local and regional survivors of sex trafficking. A home where young victims can come to feel safe, learn to trust, begin to heal, and become victors over the horrific trauma they have endured. They are now on the cusp of making this vision a reality. Learn more about this project and how you can help by visiting their RESTORATION HOME Page!


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    For more information on Mirror Ministries, please visit their:
    Website: MirrorMinistries.org
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