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Posted on February 01, 2023 by Inka Mathew


Until May 1st, 2023, we are featuring HRC Ministries. They are an anti-trafficking and support organization based in Spokane Valley, Washington, and exist to bring safety and freedom to those exploited through sex slavery.
We had the opportunity to have a written interview with HRC Ministries' Executive Director, Caleb Altmeyer, and asked him to share about the impactful work they are doing in the fight against human trafficking.

Q:  Could you tell us a little bit how HRC Ministries was started? And what is the meaning behind "HRC"?

A:  HRC Got started as a family outreach ministry. Originally the name stood for Harry, Randy, and Caleb Altmeyer. The founders of HRC have been serving the vulnerable for over 50 years. As the outreaches continued to grow, and we got more involved in our community, we began hearing stories of women and children being trafficked and knew we needed to act.

In 2015, HRC was launched as a multi-faceted outreach and anti-trafficking organization, and over time the family has decided to fully focus their efforts on the fight against human trafficking and welcome others to join them in the fight.

Today HRC stands for "Helping Redeem Captives" and its focus has shifted to solely ministering to survivors of trafficking with a learning center, a long-term anti-trafficking program, and transitional housing and reintegration services.

Q:  Could you share with us the ways in which HRC Ministries is combating human trafficking?

A:  Currently we are combating human trafficking through prevention, education, and long-term residential care.

In order to protect survivors and provide a way out of slavery, we need to reach those who need our help. That's why our street and school outreaches exist. We also offer education and training for individuals and groups regarding how sex trafficking is affecting our communities and how to get involved.

Once survivors are safe and secure, we need to begin healing the many wounds and traumas they've come out of: sex trafficking, homelessness, poverty, abuse, and more. We offer a 9-month long-term restoration program for trafficking survivors, transitional housing, and full-time care.

Life after trafficking can be scary for survivors. We work to reintegrate those with traumatic pasts back into society. We do this with additional 9-months of transitional housing for our residents, mentoring, internships, and support with the help of local churches and businesses that provide a healthy community and the opportunity to thrive.


Q:  From your experience so far, what would you say is the toughest challenge your team has faced in fighting human trafficking?

A:  The toughest challenge that we have found is the lack of resources for locally rescued women and children. Currently there is no trauma center or stabilization center for women or kids that are coming right out of the life which makes it difficult to find them the help and resources they need as they are coming off of drugs or need emergency housing that is safe. 


Q:  Could you share with us a favorite victory story you have witnessed in the life of HRC Ministries

A:  My favorite story is probably the very first time that we had a resident come into our program. It was about 4 hard years of fundraising, program development, and a lot of personal sacrifice.

So I remember when the first woman came into our program and told us that she slept through the night without being afraid it was a huge day for my dad and I.


Q:  How can we – as an individual, as a business, and as a community – support HRC Ministries in fighting human trafficking? 

A:  The first thing we need is prayer for wisdom. As we continue to grow the ministry we are realizing that in order to bring holistic care for local women we are going to need an advocacy center, emergency trauma center, a stabilization house, and transitional housing for independent living. We really need prayer in hearing the voice of God on the timing to open up the facilities needed and in what order.

Secondly, we need financial support and partners to make the above happen. 

Whether you donate a lamp, a car, through a will, or on our donate page, you are impacting the lives and futures of survivors of sex trafficking.

There are several ways that you can donate financially. The easiest is donating online. But we also accept checks and cash through the mail or delivered to our office. $150 provides 3 nights of food and shelter for trafficking survivors.

If you own a business, you can do company contributions, event sponsorship, or join our B2B Networking to support HRC with outreach to help survivors.

You can also donate goods to HRC Ministries' Thrift Store. The proceeds go to helping survivors of trafficking.


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