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Life for the Innocent exists to rescue children from sexual slavery; provide for their practical needs; minister healing to their shame; bring joy to their lives and usher them into the loving arms of a Christian family.

We love that Life for the Innocent partners with communities around the world to rescue, restore and renew children affected by human trafficking.

We would like to know more about this wonderful organization, so we asked them in a short written interview:

Q: Could you tell us what sparked the birth of Life for the Innocent?

A:  Life for the Innocent began with a trip to South Asia in 2004. Chris, a businessman, husband, and father in Colorado, traveled to see his friend’s rescue work, where he witnessed the horror of child trafficking firsthand. With the disturbing memories of young girls and boys being sold still in his mind, Chris returned home determined to help in any way possible. For years, he rallied his church, friends and family to support housing, education and adoptive families to rescued children.

This partnership became the cornerstone of Life for the Innocent, which launched as an official entity headquartered in Northern Colorado, five years after Chris’ experience in South Asia. In 2014, LFTI added staff members (including Chris as Executive Director) and a board of directors, and received its 501(c)3 status in 2015. Chris shares more about what he experienced on that trip and how LFTI began here.


Q: Your operation is in South Asia. What are the ways in which Life for the Innocent is combatting the many forms of human trafficking over there?

A:  Life for the Innocent exists to partner with communities to rescue, restore and renew children affected by human trafficking. Every child receives medical care, identification documents, housing, education, counseling, and adoptive families.

LFTI has over two dozen transition homes across South Asia for kids rescued from sex, labor and organ trafficking. The children stay for six to eight months, depending on the level of care needed.

Here, their physical, spiritual, educational and emotional needs are addressed before placement with their vetted, adoptive “Forever Family.”

The families are all members of LFTI’s partner churches in South Asia, resulting in many kids knowing the love of Jesus Christ. Forever Families submit to an 18-month vetting process prior to approval (currently, more than 2,000 families are on the waiting list!) LFTI’s robust two-year follow-up process ensures ongoing accountability for parents and long-term support for the kids.

These services, from the moment a child enters a home to the day of finalized adoption, cost $1,385 per child.

As such, these transformations and life-saving programs are only possible because of the generosity of LFTI supporters. Years after being rescued, children are thriving with their families, continuing their education, and have big dreams for the future. 


Q: From your experience of fighting human trafficking, what would you say is the toughest challenge in the process of helping and caring for trafficking survivors?

A:  LFTI’s homes are designed to be safe places for rescued children to heal and grow. By nature, the first few months of care is a time of transition and can be challenging. Every child has experienced varying levels and intensities of trauma from exploitation, abuse, and/or abandonment. Building a foundation of trust takes time, and the LFTI staff in South Asia are so committed to them. Over time, the kids gain confidence over time that they are safe, valued, and loved.


Q: To date, Life for the Innocent has rescued more than 6,000 children. That is amazing! This is probably hard to do, but could you share with us a favorite story of victory you have witnessed?  

A:  We are so grateful for God’s provision for these kids through the prayers and support of the LFTI family over the years.

There are thousands of incredible stories, so it’s difficult to choose. A victory that comes to mind is the story of a young boy who was trafficked in a South Asian brothel for years. When he came into LFTI’s care, he had plenty to eat, a safe place to stay, and attended school for the first time. He excelled at every subject and found a love of learning. His adoptive family loved helping him study, which continued after he went home with them.

Today, he is a young adult. He finished his Master’s degree and now works as an engineering manager! His story is a beautiful display of redemption and victory. It’s exciting to think about the futures of LFTI kids just like him.

Q: What are some of the current needs of the Life for the Innocent? How can the everyday person support you all in fighting human trafficking?

A:  A major misconception about human trafficking is that people can’t really make a difference. We all can, and the movement is stronger when we work together, like what 139Made is doing.

Your prayers bring light and hope into the darkness of human trafficking. Life for the Innocent provides prayer requests and live updates from the field via text. To receive these alerts, text UPDATES to 21000 (up to 3 messages/month).

Additionally, regular funding is a need. The most effective way to do that is by joining a committed group of supporters giving monthly called Sustainers of Hope. You will create steady resources so LFTI can always say “YES!” to intervening for a child. For example, $10/month can provide a child’s full school term. $60/month can provide housing, care and adoption. And $115/month covers the entire cost to rescue, restore and renew a child. Your generosity is powerful! Click here to GIVE.

Another way to make a ripple with your support is creating your own fundraiser as an LFTI Champion. It’s so easy and spreads the word to friends and family. People have done many fun things: beard competitions, running 5Ks, bake sales, donating birthdays, etc.

Your church or business can also partner with LFTI to care for rescued children. There’s no limit to how you can be involved in the fight!



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